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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Yeti Rambler 20 oz. Tumbler -- Leak Proof Lid

Yeti Rambler 20 oz tumblers work very well, keep ice solid for a long time, and warm drinks warm.  But, personally, I use my tumbler in the car, and, if falls over,  water (or other liquid) pours out of the drinking opening onto everything it touches.  This, to me is a design flaw, there was (is) no way to prevent the spilling when you carry this in a back pack, or on the front seat of your car.

Enter a solution, Amazon sells many after-market caps, with various options, such as a smaller hole for a straw, or whatever.  But most are very over-priced in my opinion.  Then, I discovered this one (see link above).  Only $2.19 with only 99 cents shipping charge. It was shipped from Poshan City, China, and it arrived today.  I love it, very impressive clear plastic and the seal over the drinking spout is very well designed, and should seal off any and all leaking.  It also fits the Yeti perfectly. 

So, if you want an alternative for your Yeti Rambler, here is the perfectly reasonable place to get a high quality, “Yeti” quality, compatible, solution to spilling. Added convenience with very little extra cost.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Angie's List Now Has A Free Version

Angie’s List is now free – or there is a free version with millions of recommendations and reviews on home services and related.  They still offer premium services which include some things like pricing and quality guarantees.

I once belonged, but didn’t use them enough to justify $10 a year, however, that was probably penny wise, and pound foolish, as one repair saving – or avoiding a bad service company, would have paid for it for a decade.  I will now sign up for free. Somehow I missed this change of policy by Angie in 2016. 

Your comments? 

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Business Cards

I am a big believer in having an old fashioned business card on my person at all times. You never know when you will need to share contact information with someone.  Or, to have some printed information to give to someone to some task accomplished at a store or government or non profit agency.  I have changed my cards every few years, with new graphics, and larger fonts for easier reading.  Lately I have used Vistaprint.  They have 250 and 500 quantities available for only a few dollars, and last time they let me use a color logo (different color than the ink on the card) for no extra charge.  I used one of their stock logos (they have 100’s of choices).   You can also upload your own.

Freight is a sizeable extra, I always choose the slowest shipping time to get the lowest price. They push many other products during checkout, but if you can work your way though the maze, you get a genuine bargain on the cards, I think.

If you are interested in the link it is just above.  Note -- it is not necessary to put a title or company name on your card, if you plan to use it for personal contact.  And if you feel the need to put a title on the card, put "Scientist".  Look up the definition:  "Person seeing truth or knowledge".  All readers of my Blog can fit that description! 

Your comments always welcome !!

Longer Life For Your Smart Phone Battery

Kiplinger usually vets articles for accuracy, so I am assuming this is factual, and useful.  Here are the tips:

1.     if you discharge your phone battery to zero, it will only last about 500 charging cycles
2.     it is better to not let the charge go below about 40% without recharging, that will increase your ability to recharge the battery to about 1,500 charges
3.     it is OK to leave the phone charging all night (it shuts down charging when it is full).  HOWEVER to get maximum life from the battery, don’t let it fully charge.  That’s certainly hard, so I will ignore that advice.
4.     best to treat the phone like a pet – never leave it in over 95 degree heat, or in cold car overnight.  Temperature extremes seems to reduce battery life. I supposed the more extremes, the shorter the life.
5.     if you are going on a long trip, leave your phone “off” but only 50% charged, not 100 % charged while you are gone (for week or more). Seems to help battery life.
6.     if all else fails, many shops in every big town will replace your battery, but the cost could be $79 or more (or less).  Be sure the replacement battery is genuine and not a lower quality.  Don’t know there is a fire hazard with an off brand battery, but why risk it for a few dollars ? 

Your comments always welcome, maybe you have heard something different about battery life?   I have seen a fall off in how long my older phone batteries held the charges over time.  Longest  have had a phone is 3 years before upgrading, usually only 2 years.  But I keep the old phones for use as iPods, for Pandora and for audio books while walking or riding on trips. 

Norwegian Air, Discount Flights

Norwegian Air has been the subject of many magazine articles, now that they fly to several cities in the USA. They are a deep discount airline, but apparently have good service, nice (nearly new or new) planes and many destination cities.  The point is, their prices from the USA to many European cities is about $600 a person round trip.

I tested a few destinations today, like Orlando to Copenhagen for a vacation trip, and the fare was $618 per person, round trip.  The catch seems to be it flies only a few days a week from Orlando, not every day.  So you would need to book and return on one of the days that it touches down there.  Much like Allegiant and other deep discount airlines.

For a whimsical get away to an Airbnb, or a Home Away, or even staying in a hotel room, this could be a super friendly way to have a European holiday for not much more than a trip to an American beach destination (in season).