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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Honda CRV vehicle

I have never mentioned a vehicle on my Blog --- but, well, here goes. 

One Million youTube views !! 

I composed the thoughts below for a friend who has mentioned an interest in buying a CRV for a sort of "in town" vehicle.  I take several automotive magazines and read them cover to cover.  Overall, for resale value and real satisfaction in the compact SUV category, I think this vehicle has shown continuous improvement more than others.  Like the Volkswagen did in the 1950’s and 60’s – I think with this vehicle Honda is making improvements, not “changes” the mantra. That’s my kind of car company.

The CRV holds its value best of all such SUV’s, so it is almost a no brainer for an investment, you could always sell it if you didn’t like it.  It also now leads all competitors in gas mileage – close to 40 mpg on the road, and the all wheel drive only drops mileage a small amount.

I have ridden in an older CRV  (basic model) on long trips, it gets the job done nicely, this one should do much better still.  Is it a good value to buy a new one?  I don't know.

this is a long, but good review of the 2017 Honda CRV … but , for some reason I had search for the 2018 but this one came up instead.

I really like it… the EX model has massive storage inside, fold flat seats, foot activated power tail lift, apple car play and much more.  It is much lighter and stiffer than prior models, and with the larger motor, is probably a great drive with great resale value.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Forecasting Weather Much More Accurately

Down to the street, or ballpark.  ClimaCell uses new technology – the first since radar, many years ago.

This company is based in Israel I think, I saw it in Forbes Magazine today.  Could help construction sites better predict weather, and much more.  Airlines love it, and drone companies, and logistics companies and pro sports teams need it.

It can even tell the difference in expected precipitation amount from one street to the next.. that accurate !!  Pinpoint detail.  First new way to observe weather in 50 years.

Endoscope For Easy Everyday Use

Endoscope for viewing hard to find places. At the bottom of an acquarium, or perhaps to find a lost ring in a P-Trap under a sink, or to read that hard-to-ge- to name place on some installed mechanical device.  Or for home inspectors to see into closed up spaces where leaks might be occurring?  Or many other applications. Only $19.  It seems to work, based on early responses, and feedback on the Amazon website.  I don’t have a current application for it personally, but it shows how technology is advancing and falling in price. I think this item would have been much physically larger, and 10 X this price a few years ago.

Once  I have to find something in a sealed up wall cavity -- like a leak, or missing electrical or music wire, it might be very useful.  

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Lift Foil For Summer Sport

Lift Foil For Summer Sport

An amazing new product, see video .  Propelled by underwater wings mounted on an electric motor.

1.     cool video, even the music is great
2.     the product was complicated to produce
3.     riding time , probably under an hour per “charge”
4.     Michael Leason invented it
5.     good for lake, or river, or ocean
6.     takes a little skill , but quite “doable”, probably no more than other water sports
7.     like the black and white video of the Spruce Goose flying in one part of the video
8.     goes 25 miles per hour

The link to buy one   

Another product, tow behind by a different company:

Thursday, July 6, 2017

C.O.B. LED Chip Technology – Two New Products

Today I purchased a FlipIt by Nebo at my neighborhood Interstate Battery Store.  It is one of the most unique things I have seen in awhile.  It is a tap light, that is rather flat, and produces something like a flashlight (only wider and brighter) light when you push the rocker switch. It is powered by 3 AAA batteries, and the light is 240 lumens, which appears to be as bright as a 40 watt bulb – but in a package that is tiny by comparison.  Perfect for a closet light, under shelf light, or other location where no wiring exists.  Under stairs, in deep closets, and so forth.

First, C.O.B.  Tech :  Try this link

It is a relatively new technology for LED, but I predict it will be very popular.  I have some deep closets with shelves, and lighting up what’s in there is tough.  I have tried motion sensitive (battery powered) LED’s, but mounting them was hard, and they didn’t work well. And they were not even half as bight as the new C.O.B. FlipIt product. These new FlipIt’s will last about 3 hours on a set of batteries and they are easy to turn on and off, rather than activated by motion. My cheap motion activated lights only stayed on 15 seconds, not time to select a tool from the tool drawer, for example.

Here are links to the FlipIt COB LED products I have purchased.  First, the FlipIt flat panel with rocker (I like the feel of the rocker and the sensational brightness)  240 lumens. 

Now the link to the more conventional looking light switch. It is probably better for wall mounting, not under a shelf.  This version is only 215 lumen, each, but you get two for a bit less than the flip-switch version. Both products are sold in pairs.

As one reviewer said “I can see 100 uses for these new lights”.  I believe it.  I can see many potential applications, even in under-home crawl spaces and by air-handlers that are in such crawl spaces -- making for easier servicing.  In places like under vanities, and many other places around a home, light is often very dull or non-existent.  These might help with such applications as over "top loading" clothes washers in dark laundry rooms.

To see these in person and test them, go to your nearest Interstate Battery Store – assuming you have one of those.  They are great stores in my opinion, they have car batteries, they replace batteries in watches, and do other battery applications. Always friendly and they do good work. 

PS -- they have worked out a way to install them with velcrow (or magnet) -- building in these attachment choices.  That was a big fault of the cheaper motion sensitive units mentioned above. 

Wal-Mart Stores APP For Faster Pickup

I had order some office supplies from WM on-line for free store pickup.  The product didn’t seem to be in other stores, and the price was terrific (on-line) at WM.  I got an email to come pick up the item, and learned that if you have a WM APP on your phone, and have ordered something on line, for free pickup at the store, you can speed up the pickup by do something on the APP.  The notice email says when you are in the store parking lot (or in store, or near store) and tell the app you are “here”, they will start gathering up your special order and have it ready at the back of the store when you push your cart back there in the course of “shopping” for other stuff.

I have noticed that WM has massive number of items on line – far more than are in the store.  The website is poorly done, and information on an item might be scant (and far less than Amazon).  However I often need an item that is on the website, and much cheaper than other websites, or even in the WM store.  But usually what I want is not in the store. The WM website remembers my credit card info, so ordering is super easy, about the same or better than Amazon.  

I do shop WM for certain groceries (prices are good, brands and store brands I like) and health and beauty aid products are nicely priced there as well.  While I won’t, personally, order that much, so won’t load the app myself (yet) – I bring this to the Blog since I see this as a trend – particularly with on-line groceries and Whole Foods and Amazon teaming up.  I have family members that already order groceries on line, delivered to their home – probably with an app.  They use Shipt.  That service shops many grocery stores, not just one.  And they bring the groceries to your home within a small delivery time window, and put it on the kitchen counter top.  You can’t beat that !  Especially if you have small children and going to the store with them is a major hassle.

FOLLOW UP --- I now have been to retrieve my WM ordered product.  I was amazed.  The remodeled store has a tall orange kiosk near the front door.  It dispenses your on-line ordered package, much like the old Automat Cafeterias dispensed food in New York City in the 1950's.  This kiosk reads your bar code (you printed at home), and brings the package to you, opens the door, and hands it to you ... no humans involved (other than you).  It is wrapped as if it was going UPS, only it came to the store on a WM truck, and thus you pay no freight.  UPS is cut out of any compensation, I guess.  This kiosk even had a sofa or something in front for relaxing.  It was so easy, I can see the revolution building steam.  But, the kiosk must have cost $100,000 to build. This is sort of a hybrid between on line ordering with Prime from Amazon, and going to a store and buying the product. Future gas/convenience stores will have, they say, something similar.  You go there to get gas, and retrieve any packages you ordered on-line.  More secure than leaving them on your front porch, or in the hall if you live in an apartment building. 

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Is Anti-Bacterial Hand Soap Effective?

According to the FDA, liquid hand soap has dominated the market and, in recent years, has been a marketing play  People tend to believe it's more hygientic, since many brands contain antibacterial chemicals like triclosan and triclocarban.

In 2016, the FDA reached a conclusion, and banned 19 of those chemicals – starting in 2017.  Because soap companies failed to prove that they were safe for long-term use, or make soap more effective. 

(source: Sierra magazine)