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Monday, August 20, 2018

Practical tip of the day


I had a rubber backed entry mat on a hardwood floor at my home It would slide around and I needed something to hold still at all times in the exact location I wanted it. So, years ago I had used double stick tape which made quite a mess on the floor. 

But I got a new mat last week and I wanted something that would do the same job but not damage the floor.

After researching a lot of products I decided to give command strips a try. But I needed very thin ones not the usual thick ones.  I discovered the poster strips (see photo) at the target store on sale for about $3.50.  So far they have worked perfect.

The rug is now secure and does not slide around and command strips will leave no residue on the floor when it eventually has to be replaced.

They also appear to be excellent for putting posters on the wall without damaging the wall paint.   I would imagine they’re holding power is not great but for many things you put on the wall you really don’t need a lot of holding power. 

I’m thinking of using these at the bottom of artwork that is suspended on the usual wire over a hook. Overtime these pictures get crooked. I think these tabs put on the bottom of the picture would hold it to the wall in the correct position without damaging anything.  There are quite a few strips in a single package as well.  So the net result is fairly inexpensive.   

Monday, March 26, 2018

A New Website To Look Up Names and Phone Numbers and Addresses    a new website to find people, their ages, addresses and phone numbers.

Finding a phone number on line is always a bit of a struggle.  So many people have dropped their land lines, and thus the White Pages websites are not as useful as they used to be.  I have used  for years, and a few others, but most of them now require disclosures of who you are (I won’t give that) and or a monthly fee to find all the research they claim to have done and can show you.  For a fee, of course.

So, I was happy to discover   it seems to give most of the information I need but without memberships or fees or come-on propositions. 

For finding out who called me, I use not only the reverse lookup for  but also   which logs in from volunteers many of the telemarketing calls (spam calls).  Very few of the callers I look up are “real”, 99% are spam/marketing calls.

Friday, February 16, 2018

New Cell Phone Spoofer Threat -- Watch Video

Watch this video ---  you won't regret viewing it.

This is valid, I have gotten some of these calls as have my friends, we never answer them but these criminals have gotten good at faking one of your “contacts” when they call, and if you answer, they could either try to sell you something, or worse, ask for personal information since they need it for an emergency, or to qualify you for a free cruise or something.  If I had not seen this on my own phone, I would not think it is a risk, but, I feel sure this is a risk. 

App – Robo Killer  seems to be effective in stopping spam calls to smart phones

yet another App for blocking unwanted calls

Mr. Number seems to be a well rated app to stop calls as well

Friday, February 2, 2018

Radio Stations and Songs From The Past

Choose a country, choose a year (time frame) and listen to high quality music from that Country and time frame.

Very clever website.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

City Water Meter Shut Off Tool Choices

For an item costing only $10 or so, I have spent a lot of time researching my best solution for two or three locations (homes I own).  And will probably buy both of these (links below, neither seems to be in Lowes, HD or WalMart) , since both have good features I will try both and decide on the best one to make primary. 

The yellow one would be good for lifting the heavy cover on the meter, using the slot – as opposed to the screwdriver I now use.  And both will cut off gas lines in emergency, and I have nothing to do that at my home that has a gas line so I need to learn, and possibly this tool could make the job easer and safer? 

The second one is in two pieces, so it would hide away nicely near the meter (in one property) and isn’t obvious as to what it is.  he yellow one would be outstandingly easy to find in an emergency, and could even hang on the garage and storage room wall, it is not unsightly. 

Reviewers like both, both are under $10