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Friday, November 24, 2017

Getting a Human on the Phone

So many companies we all use today are difficult to reach by phone (cable plans, telecoms, cell phones and so forth)  This website might help us get to a "human" faster.

To get a human on the phone, you put in the name of the company you are trying to reach. And it suggests phone numbers supplied by either the company employees or other users like yourself.

Get Human website seems to offer some of these

1.     the average wait time for a human in customer service for the company you want to reach
2.     the time “right now” to get a human, often less than average, but sometimes more than average… how do they know this exact time?  I don’t know.
3.     sometimes they tell you the buttons to push on your phone to avoid the screening stuff of the automated answering systems.  Sometimes it tells you to push 1, then 5, then 5 again, then some other combination of numbers.  That yields you a quicker place in the que for a human.

I found this website looking for something else.  I was looking at Straight Talk mobile service, offered by Wal Mart,  it is currently one of the cheapest unlimited 4-G data plus unlimited voice and text ($45 a month) … no contract required.  You use their SIM card, and pre-pay or something.  They sell high end phones cheap too, they were advertising an iPhone 6 for $129 on Black Friday, quite a low price.  That would put you in the iPhone and cell phone business very cheaply.  The Straight Talk folks say they have 99.5 % coverage in the USA they lease time on other networks, I think. Customer service, via telephone, is slow, but maybe better than some companies.

I believe Straight Talk has gone unlimited since this review was written but 5 GB of data a
month is generous.  They claim “most” video you watch on your phone would be HD.