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Saturday, January 20, 2018

City Water Meter Shut Off Tool Choices

For an item costing only $10 or so, I have spent a lot of time researching my best solution for two or three locations (homes I own).  And will probably buy both of these (links below, neither seems to be in Lowes, HD or WalMart) , since both have good features I will try both and decide on the best one to make primary. 

The yellow one would be good for lifting the heavy cover on the meter, using the slot – as opposed to the screwdriver I now use.  And both will cut off gas lines in emergency, and I have nothing to do that at my home that has a gas line so I need to learn, and possibly this tool could make the job easer and safer? 

The second one is in two pieces, so it would hide away nicely near the meter (in one property) and isn’t obvious as to what it is.  he yellow one would be outstandingly easy to find in an emergency, and could even hang on the garage and storage room wall, it is not unsightly. 

Reviewers like both, both are under $10